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How to start with AEON?

First create yourself a wallet. At the moment (I believe) there is no website where you could create one easily using graphical interface, but that is good for your security! Setting yourself a local wallet takes a bit, but gives your e-money full safety. Instructions depending on your operating system:

For Windows get official application from project's github page: Github
There are few wallets with graphical interfaces in the Internet, but I have not tested any of them therefore it is hard to say anything about the quality, security or/and safety of your e-money when using them.

For Linux get the official source code and build it yourself. Most likely you are familiar with the process already, but if not here is a sample way for Ubunut or Debian:

  1. Install required packages: sudo apt-get install cmake g++ libboost-all-dev make git
  2. Clone the official repository: sudo git clone https://github.com/aeonix/aeon aeon
  3. Go to the folder: cd aeon
  4. Run build: make
  5. After successful build you can find files in: build/release/src

First run

Execute the aeond file. It will start with sync of blockchain data. This is required due to the way how blockchain currencies work: they need to download the whole blockchain. First run may be a bit long (depending on your network connection and computer). Next runs may take longer or shorter depending on how often you run the application. If you have a dedicated machine for your currencies you can run aeond as a daemon in background. This will ensure always quick access to your e-money. When the process has finished you will see a message that blockchain sync has finished and you may run simplewallet.

Creating wallet

Run the simplewallet application. When asked for the file name type the desired name of your wallet with .bin extension. For example your_wallet.bin. Application will as for the password to your file. Type in desired password. Be sure to store your wallet's files in a secure place. The string after Generated new wallet: is your wallet's address which you can pass to other people who want to pay you or when mining.

How to receive money?

Just pass the wallet address to whoever wants to pay you . When payment has been done be sure to have current blockchain (run aeond) and check your balance by typing balance in simplewallet.

How to send money?

Run simplewallet with your wallet and type transfer mixin address amount, where mixin is the number of transactions yours is indistinguishable from (from 0 to maximum available). 2 or higher is suggested as transfer fee is then lower (0.01).
So for example:
transfer 2 Wmt7Jsr6WJ32MfCVp23kPMBnf11NY8MJUMNACqxjQUSdbCiMm5YTvwBVCKQYzriEF3T5LDaUBC8NuMzHT5gsrWtG2uNbs36z6 0.5
to send me half AEON.

How to convert money?

There are multiple exchange services available. For example: HitBTC or bittrex.

How to start mining?

The good thing with AEON is that you can still mine it effectively with your computer or hosting. Even with only a good CPU you can get a sensinble hashrate.

There are many mining apps on the market, for example: CPUMiner (forked by Wolf), CPUMiner (forked by LucasJones), ccminer (forked by tsiv), Wolf AEON Gpu Miner, Wolf Aeon GPU Miner (forked by Arux-BTT), yet I suggest to use XMRig or XMR-STAK.

You can obtain XMRig from project's website on XMRig CPU . There also special releases with GPU support: XMRig NVIDIA XMRig AMD

On Windows you can use binaries or build them using MSVC. Build instructions

On Linux you should download the source code or clone repository and build it. Build instructions

Launching XMRig

This step assumes you have already created your wallet and you know your wallet's address. Select your mining port based on your hardware. For example if you desire to use port 3333 you can execute XMRig by typing:
xmrig.exe -a cryptonight-lite -o aeonswim.pl:3333 -u YOUR_WALLET -p xxx
where you replace YOUR_WALLET with your wallet's address. xxx is a string which identifies your worker, but is not used on most AEON Pools so you can type any string.

For example if your address is Wmt7Jsr6WJ32MfCVp23kPMBnf11NY8MJUMNACqxjQUSdbCiMm5YTvwBVCKQYzriEF3T5LDaUBC8NuMzHT5gsrWtG2uNbs36z6 then the full command will be:
xmrig.exe -a cryptonight-lite -o aeonswim.pl:3333 -u Wmt7Jsr6WJ32MfCVp23kPMBnf11NY8MJUMNACqxjQUSdbCiMm5YTvwBVCKQYzriEF3T5LDaUBC8NuMzHT5gsrWtG2uNbs36z6 -p xxx

XMRig has many other options, like setting amount of threads, it is worth of exploring on your machine to reach maximum performance. To get a list check --help command.

Got a problem?

Create us a support ticket by clicking here

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